Undisguised Pleasure

There was something superbly aesthetic about it. It sat in pride of place in all its pure white splendour and it filled her with joy.

The woman had been smitten before, it was several years ago when another stark, white vision of loveliness caught her eye. It was bordered in delicate, pale grey, and on that occasion the woman stood right there in the shop and stroked it. She was oblivious to her tactile reaction; it was only when her companion asked if she knew she was stroking a machine that she became aware of her actions.

Her friends if they were to read this post, knowing the woman as they do, would easily guess at the most recent source of her undisguised pleasure.

Footnote: Dear  Visitors, thank you for reading this post. It’s in response to the WordPress writing challenge and the word I responded to is aesthetic.

3 thoughts on “Undisguised Pleasure

  1. gc

    Bravo. It is unfortunate that you terminated the scenario as rapidly as you did.

    I think many folks experience this type of momentary visual eroticism when they come face to face with something that triggers their libidos. Tactile stimulation begins in early childhood and is often lost by the time the individual reaches an “age of reason” whatever or whenever that may occur.

    Many times the artist strives for this subconscous level of mental stimulation with the hopes that such “planned” creative offerings will catch the viewers attention and not only elicit a physical response ( stroking or rubbing the object of intense interest) but also stimulate a sale.

    This was not your character’s first time being visually awed by such an exquisite work of art.

    Thank you for sharing this enticingly brief story line.

    I hope you will continue to do so in the future.

    The deftness of your writing style and skill literlly makes the story itself leap off the page in a three dimensional manner. 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind comments and very much appreciated. I agree with your comment regarding the abrupt ending, let’s just say I was in a bit of a hurry and eager to put something together for the Daily prompt.

      Oh and the object that enthralled the character (me) was my new computer!

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