Age is just a number

To kick off this weekend I’ll be joining a few friends for drinks at the village pub. Four of us have special  birthdays this month…  Four generations apart!

 Happy January Birthday to my friends.


Some say age is just a number and others say you’re as old as you feel. But what does that mean?  Personally speaking I feel much younger in my head than I do in my body.

I married at twenty one and I had a bit of a panic because it meant I had to start being a grown up, even though getting married was exactly what I wanted. The trouble was, my head didn’t feel old enough, it was still a teenager. When three years later I brought my first beautiful, exquisite baby home from hospital, I again had that nagging feeling that I was too young for this. It wasn’t a lack of confidence, becoming a mum came naturally and I had no fear. It was, however, the realisation that I would never again be able to have a lazy lie in that hit me the hardest and it catapulted me into the grown up world!

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