Something of a Showcase

Our Best Efforts

Recently, I showed two of my grandchildren how it’s possible to transfer their hand drawings to a computer and have fun editing them on screen. It reminded me of teaching computer art in school.Therefore this week I thought we could have a chat about art, particularly drawing because it’s something I can’t do.

As a child I couldn’t draw and despite my best efforts my drawings haven’t improved one jot and my childlike impressions rarely resemble the planned intention. My whole family can draw, each of them has a flair for art, so what went wrong with me?

This could have been something of a hindrance when teaching ICT in a primary school  where computer art plays a part in honing hand and eye coordination and where a couple of on screen examples are usually required, but somehow I managed to get away with it. As a rule, I would show them a completed example, one that took an age to perfect (using the term perfect lightly) and then briefly show them step by step how it was done and which tools etc. I even received the odd compliment from a child or two. “Mrs W you’re really good at drawing!”  I should point out that KS1 children are usually keen to please the teacher. KS2 on the other hand are more likely to ask “What is it?”

Drawing by hand is something I haven’t mastered and it would seem I am devoid of all skill. Using a computer to draw has an advantage over hand drawings and using shape tools and effects means that mistakes can almost be forgiven, covered up, re-done etc. Nevertheless, my drawings, even with the benefit of a computer remain childlike. So for your entertainment I’ve decided to share some of the examples that I did for the younger children in KS1.









This was my best effort, I was proud of it and had it framed  as a present for my son for his new kitchen… unfortunately, he declined!

Now that we know that today’s blog was all about art and because I enjoy involving my grandchildren, I’ve saved the best till last. Three of my grandchildren have donated their pictures to showcase on here.


Such Concentration


Do you like my picture Nan?


War games? Mmm…I don’t think little boys do flowers!



A Super Hero Warrior?

To Close the ‘Art’ Showcase I’m showing two year old Scarlett’s picture


 Footnote: Thank you to Harry, Tommy and Scarlett for sending their pictures and allowing me to use them on the blog

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