Becoming a Blogger

Have I earned the right?

I’m a ‘Newbie’, the new kid on the block, or should I say blog, though ‘kid’ is probably pushing it somewhat. Kind of reminds me of my dad, whose regular routine each Sunday included a visit to his local pub. As he was leaving home he’d say “Just off to pick up the old “kid”, the kid was in his eighties, so perhaps I can call myself a ‘kid’ after all. But I’m digressing so let’s get back to where we started.

So, just wondering if I can call myself a blogger? Have I done enough to qualify, have I earned the title yet?  I’m not a writer, nor do I pretend to be. In fact, despite a thorough proof read, the moment I click the ‘Publish’ button, the errors begin to jumAdd to becoming a blogger  going wrong edited 640p out at me.

I can almost hear Nelson, the kid in the Simpson’s,the one with the sarcastic laugh, going ha ha, ha ha !  

Nevertheless, becoming a blogger is therapeutic, it’s boosting my confidence, “Believe you can and you’re half way there” (Theodore Roosevelt) it’s filling a void, and is immensely enjoyable.

Blogging can be anything you’d like it to be, serious writing (not my style) light hearted twaddle (my speciality) photographic memories, simple drawings, or something of a mixture. Blogging imposes few limits to what can be created and achieved, and for me this is what makes it fun, each new page telling a story in a unique and different way.

What I’ve learned during the last few weeks is that it doesn’t matter if when starting a new page, the writing is disjointed and doesn’t make a deal of sense, because somewhere hidden within, will be the new blog, a new subject matter. “Don’t get it right just get it written.” (James Thurber). Eventually, the point will present itself and it will come together, and after careful editing, though in my case more like careless editing, another page will emerge.

It’s becoming something of an obsession, just the other night I woke up in the early hours to jot down another idea. Unfortunately, when I read my notes the following morning it was similar to reading an unknown language, the note didn’t make any sense whatsoever!

A blogging treeMy obsession prompts me to frequently check my stats, how many views have I had, how many followers, how many shares and how many likes? I’ve become needy, eager for people to enjoy my blog, follow and share.

Having recently published blog thirteen, it’s time to think about the next one, but at this moment I haven’t a clue what the subject will be. That’s the thing about writing, sometimes you don’t know what the content will be until you begin to write, says she the ‘Newbie’ with three months of blogging and thirteen blogs under her belt!

A journal imageToday’s blog post came from re-reading my personal journal, this’ll do I thought, my next blog idea. Some tweaking and editing and here we go, lifted from my journal, Blog Fourteen!

Yesterday, I intended the above paragraph to be the finale for this post, however, each morning my journal prompts me to look back at this day in history, and I couldn’t resist including a quote from the entry on 1st September, 2015.

What’s my purpose in life and why am I here? I no longer do anything useful so perhaps I need a project. Maybe I could write a blog, but where do I begin and what should I write about? I don’t do anything interesting so I’ll need to get my thinking head on and come up with something. Ooh I feel quite excited!” Reading the entry made me smile as it was to be another nine months before I finally got around to doing it!

Add to becoming a blogger  journal  EDITED 2
Footnote: Theodore Roosevelt (October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919)  26th President of the United States.  James Thurber (December 8, 1894 – November 2, 1961) American cartoonist, author, journalist, playwright, and celebrated wit.


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Blogger

  1. STATS – Why worry, the blog is really for you! However:

    Categories and Tags, that’s the secret! Having started at the beginning of your blog, and avoiding temptation to skip forward, I do not yet know if you have mastered Categorising and Tagging your posts.

    Taking an example, if you posted something about the history of Popes, and tagged it with “sex”, you would find the number of readers would dramatically increase. Fact I’m afraid. Some would be interested in Popes, but the majority would be after some smut!

    There are some words that will work wonders – Cats, dogs, animals, mindfulness, cancer, mental health, amongst others.

    Having said that, I bet you’ve already discovered this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Peter, I cringe at some of my early posts and here you are reading them all! I’m tempted to go back and delete! I gave up worrying about STATS a long time ago. Yes thank you I have mastered categories and tags. I stopped bothering with tags but then began again a week ago. Mmm linking the Popes to sex might be a tad difficult, but seeing as I’m unlikely to write about either I won’t worry about it! I do see your point though.

      Liked by 1 person

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