Woody the Beagle

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Woody bird watching

Bird Watching

Home for me is an old place, built in the thirties with recent extensions. These days however, I live in a recently renovated part of the house that most people would call the annexe. The eldest daughter, husband and children live in the main house and this week whilst they’re away in sunnier climes, I’m in charge of their young dog, Woody the Beagle.

Woody in the window

Normally, whilst the family are at work/school, I’m the puppy carer, in charge of day care. This week, however, my son has taken over Woody’s daily exercise routine,  a routine that involves either walking down to the village (taking the long route) or using the short route taking in the perimeter of the village cricket ground, and despite the  rain we’ve experienced this week, Woody’s routine has continued, and the aroma of wet dog is not pleasant.

Woody and loo roll

Woody is now a delightful six month old pup and has retained many of his early puppy traits, some you’d rather he hadn’t, for instance a few days ago he tore apart the winter draught excluder, (a pre-renovation relic), then there was the time a couple of weeks ago when he ran off with my bathroom toilet roll, and yes it was Andrex! My sorry state of a log basket had to be replaced with a black metal box, perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing as the basket, but it’s functional and un-chewable. 

Woody has the usual hound dog traits, the inbred ones, the need to constantly carry something around in his mouth and another is his tenaciousness when following a scent. Taking him for his daily walks is similar to walking a cartoon sniffer dog, because once he picks up on a scent he won’t give up, he becomes intent and focused, no longer hearing the instructions that are being frantically yelled from his human companion. 

Woody and his tigerWoody knows his own name even if I get muddled from time to time. I’ve been known to go through all our dead dog names before reaching his actual name! Not only that but the dog, a he, has now become a she when I’m referring to her… oops genuine mistake!

House training Woody has been surprisingly easy, he had a couple of early accidents but that was it. Though training him not to torment Mia, our poor old cat took a little longer.

Woody with Mia

Then there was the sofa and his determined efforts to lie on it, eventually though, he learned he has a couple of comfortable beds of his own and that he’s not allowed on our sofas. Woody still attempts to wander upstairs, but that’s where the necessary human training comes in, (training everyone to close doors). 

Woody just chilling 

Footnote:  Today’s blog is dedicated to Woody’s friend Mia. May 1995 – July 2016


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