Pokémon Hunting

Harrogate-North Yorkshire

It all started in my kitchen, with a simple request from my son. “Could you pick me up from Knaresborough tomorrow? My car is going to the garage for work doing.”

The two children in the kitchen, belonging to my eldest, were quick to join the conversation. “Can we come too?” This was unexpected, coming along for the ride without an actual purpose is not a regular occurrence. “You both want to come to the garage?”  I asked with some surprise. “Actually, no,” said the boy, “we thought we could all go to Harrogate.” (For those not in the know, the town of Harrogate is a mere five minutes drive from Knaresborough).   “Ah I see,” I answered, “you want to go shopping.”  “Er… no” came the reply, “we want to go Pokémon hunting!”   “Pokémon hunting”, I repeated, with the air of someone who has no idea of what they could be talking about.

The younger of the two, the girl, announced she didn’t have her own phone, my son, the youngest of my own children, was happy to oblige, “That’s okay, we can pair up and you can use my phone.”   My third child, who just happened to be in my now crowded kitchen, also joined the conversation, “That’s a good idea, we could meet you there.” (We, meaning herself and baby son).

And so it began, my Pokémon ‘Education’ and my first experience of Pokémon hunting, though we never expected to see so many! 

File 28-07-2016, 14 41 09

Coffee and scones to start the day and our first sight of Pidgy!

File 28-07-2016, 14 42 27

Pikachu and Pidgy were spotted on Montpellier

File 28-07-2016, 14 43 38

Weedle and Gyarados make an appearance here!

Sweet shop altered

Feeling at home amongst the sweet delights is Bulbasaur!

File 28-07-2016, 14 47 33

Delicious Pokemon biscuits in this Celebrating Yorkshire window!


File 28-07-2016, 14 56 32.png

Jiggly Puff offers a warm welcome and recommends the rare wine!

File 28-07-2016, 14 41 09

Just off Montpellier, Pikachu recommends this hair salon and so do I!

File 28-07-2016, 14 47 55

Making an almost royal appearance on the balcony of this hotel, is Eevee!

File 28-07-2016, 14 48 16

Not to be outdone in this opticians window is Charmander, Super Specs!

File 28-07-2016, 14 50 34

Banned or not, we found plenty!

File 28-07-2016, 14 51 26

I think Bulbasaur has just been spotted!

File 28-07-2016, 14 53 06

I dont think they realise Charmander has hitched a ride!

File 28-07-2016, 14 52 16

Weedle and Squirtle are playing in the garden of this enchanting little house!

File 28-07-2016, 14 54 06

A magical garden is where these giant plants live and look who else we found!

 Pokémon  send their apologies for taking over the blog today!

Footnote: Grateful thanks to Max and Daisy for an entertaining day, for the fantastic Pokémon drawings and for the fun we had editing our photos.

8 thoughts on “Pokémon Hunting

      1. No, you’re right. It can take five minutes on a good day. I used to live in Harrogate and work in Knaresborough, and in the rush hour, it could take half an hour. The bus service from where I lived was no help at all, and though I worked near Knaresborough Station, I was two miles from either Harrogate or Starbeck stations. Walking, which did occasionally in summer, took well over an hour.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh I can imagine it did . My children were at school at St Aidan’s and later the John Fisher/Aidan’s sixth form, an older one went on to work in knaresborough I often used to cut across. Next house move I have will be right next to a bus stop and I might even get the bus pass 😊

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    1. Sorry I caught my hand on send on the last one, I hadn’t finished editing. Using Forest Lane, nipping across Star Beck to Oatlands Drive, around St John Fisher and St Aidan’s takes me about five minutes. Granted it takes longer to park up in town.

      Liked by 1 person

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