Organised and Efficient

 With Tick Boxes

If only I was an organised sort of person, the focused sort, a sort that starts a job and finishes it. In some ways I am that person, in that I enjoy having structure, meaning I like to start my day with a plan, a list with tick boxes to motivate me, boxes I can tick off at intervals throughout the day, and I do so with a sense of achievement, but it’s when I begin to deviate from the list that my problems begin.

For iMy chest of drawersnstance, on a whim, I began sorting the contents of a chest of drawers and a photo box. I approached the job with enthusiasm and with the best intentions of finishing what I’d started, but unfortunately, the jobs weren’t on the list which meant there weren’t any tick boxes to mark off. So when obstacles began to prevent me from fulfilling the job in hand, it became very easy to abandon what I’d begun. The first obstacle to challenge me was boredom,  which was very unhelpful, the next obstacle was the annoying voice in my head.

The annoying little voice told me I didn’t need to sort out clothing because this time next year, I will have completed a successful diet plan. It was inevitable then and perhaps predictable, that at the end of the day I had an empty charity bag and drawers that didn’t close any easier than they had at the start.

Album 1

 As for the photographs, it’s now a whole year since I began sorting each of the pictures into an organised time frame and filing them into pretty little albums, but unfortunately,  despite my well meaning efforts, there are still two empty albums and a box full of loose photographs!  albums

So, what would an organised person have done? I imagine the focused sort, the sort that starts a job and finishes it, would have done exactly that. Job started, job completed, but I’m not that sort. I’m the sort that only completes jobs if they’re on a list, a list with boxes to tick, so at the end of the day I can look at the list with the boxes all ticked and feel proud that today I was organised and efficient (but only with tick boxes). 

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