Laptops and Cables

A Moment of Epiphany

Nocturnal brain activity – I think of it as the twilight hour, the time between day and  night, a time where sleep is evasive and where random thoughts begin to dance recklessly inside my head. 

Laptops for Blog.gif

On this occasion my over-active mind was all about laptops, specifically power cables and the question it was asking was…  “Why don’t laptop manufacturers make universal power cables?”

 I concluded my nocturnal brain had a point. Why don’t they make universal power cables, all PCs have standard sockets and cables, so why not laptops?

I begin to imagine a scenario where the laptop battery has died and the power cable is missing, left behind and forgotten. However, in this scenario, I can borrow a cable because all the machines, irrespective of manufacturers, have standard universal sockets with cables. 

black and white screwdrivers

Another random thought slips quietly into my head, an idea stolen from the contents of my little black toolbox. It’s a moment of Epiphany and I become impressed at the brilliance of the nocturnal brain, and this time it’s surpassed itself… Power cables for laptops that come complete with interchangeable ends!


The snail-like brain, the dawn to dusk one, the one that takes daytime naps and has no memory of why we walked into a room, takes no credit whatsoever for the thoughts and ideas of its nocturnal self.

2 thoughts on “Laptops and Cables

  1. Want to buy a reel to reel recorder, an 8 track recorder, a cassette recorder, a Betamax, a VHS, a CD player, DVD player, 3D TV, and a budgie – all going cheap! If you build unique, you have a captive market!

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