Month: July 2016

Pokémon Hunting

Harrogate-North Yorkshire

It all started in my kitchen, with a simple request from my son. “Could you pick me up from Knaresborough tomorrow? My car is going to the garage for work doing.”

The two children in the kitchen, belonging to my eldest, were quick to join the conversation. “Can we come too?” This was unexpected, coming along for the ride without an actual purpose is not a regular occurrence. “You both want to come to the garage?”  I asked with some surprise. “Actually, no,” said the boy, “we thought we could all go to Harrogate.” (For those not in the know, the town of Harrogate is a mere five minutes drive from Knaresborough).   “Ah I see,” I answered, “you want to go shopping.”  “Er… no” came the reply, “we want to go Pokémon hunting!”   “Pokémon hunting”, I repeated, with the air of someone who has no idea of what they could be talking about.

The younger of the two, the girl, announced she didn’t have her own phone, my son, the youngest of my own children, was happy to oblige, “That’s okay, we can pair up and you can use my phone.”   My third child, who just happened to be in my now crowded kitchen, also joined the conversation, “That’s a good idea, we could meet you there.” (We, meaning herself and baby son).

And so it began, my Pokémon ‘Education’ and my first experience of Pokémon hunting, though we never expected to see so many! 

File 28-07-2016, 14 41 09

Coffee and scones to start the day and our first sight of Pidgy!

File 28-07-2016, 14 42 27

Pikachu and Pidgy were spotted on Montpellier

File 28-07-2016, 14 43 38

Weedle and Gyarados make an appearance here!

Sweet shop altered

Feeling at home amongst the sweet delights is Bulbasaur!

File 28-07-2016, 14 47 33

Delicious Pokemon biscuits in this Celebrating Yorkshire window!


File 28-07-2016, 14 56 32.png

Jiggly Puff offers a warm welcome and recommends the rare wine!

File 28-07-2016, 14 41 09

Just off Montpellier, Pikachu recommends this hair salon and so do I!

File 28-07-2016, 14 47 55

Making an almost royal appearance on the balcony of this hotel, is Eevee!

File 28-07-2016, 14 48 16

Not to be outdone in this opticians window is Charmander, Super Specs!

File 28-07-2016, 14 50 34

Banned or not, we found plenty!

File 28-07-2016, 14 51 26

I think Bulbasaur has just been spotted!

File 28-07-2016, 14 53 06

I dont think they realise Charmander has hitched a ride!

File 28-07-2016, 14 52 16

Weedle and Squirtle are playing in the garden of this enchanting little house!

File 28-07-2016, 14 54 06

A magical garden is where these giant plants live and look who else we found!

 Pokémon  send their apologies for taking over the blog today!

Footnote: Grateful thanks to Max and Daisy for an entertaining day, for the fantastic Pokémon drawings and for the fun we had editing our photos.

The Intruder 

Feeling afraid

Wednesday Morning

Despite the blackout blind, the early morning sun has sneakily found its way in,  but it’s too early and I’m in no hurry to start my day. Turning away from the harshness of the sunlight, I bury my face into the softness of my pillow and then I remember the ordeal of the night before, the terror, and subsequent uneasy night’s sleep.

The normally welcoming pillow is no longer my refuge from the morning light and the memory of the night before causes me to recoil in fear and foreboding. Moments later, away from the bed, with carpet slippers firmly on my feet, I begin to scan the room, but there’s nothing untoward and nothing to be seen.

Flashback to Tuesday Night

With a yawn, I finished my customary late night activity (browsing Facebook and Houzz), switched off the iPad, lay down and reached over to switch off the bedside light. Out of the corner of my eye, I became aware of something above my head, I turned to gaze directly at it. When the enormity of what I was looking at sunk in, I almost fell over myself in my haste to leave the bed. For a brief moment I was frozen with fright, staring at the offending sight.

The spider, clinging to the ceiling, was waiting for darkness and the moment it could shimmy silently down the wall and crawl stealthily onto my face, at least that’s what my imagination told me.

Conflicting thoughts raced about my head until I finally came to a conclusion of what must be done. Grabbing the spider catcher, which is never far from reach, I stood precariously on the bed, stretching upwards, I pointed the catcher toward the ceiling where I made a brave attempt to capture the spider within the bristles.  Unfortunately, instead of the planned humane removal, I inadvertently swept it downwards and onto the bed, where it lay stunned and very still.

red eyed spider

The Enormous Spider, the size in my imagination!

Now, at this point, a sensible person would have swiftly removed the spider with whatever was to hand, but I’m not sensible, I had to have a second attempt with the catcher, but how was I to know the catcher’s bristles weren’t very efficient on soft material, or for that matter that the spider was only playing dead?

The spider ran off at speed towards the head of the bed and appeared to disappear beneath a pillow. I began to cry, screaming hysterically “no no noooo.”  This time I grabbed a tissue, and although I couldn’t be certain where the spider had gone, I was determined it wouldn’t evade capture a third time. Lifting the pillows one by one, each pillow case was carefully removed, and the same with the duvet.  Everything was hauled off the bed, examined and shaken before being re-made.  I looked underneath the bed and dragged out the bedside tables, but despite my best search efforts I couldn’t find anything.

I sat on the edge of the bed for a very long time, too frightened to climb in,  eventually, of course, I had to, but sleep didn’t come easily as the same questions re-surfaced again and again in my head.
‘Where had the spider come from, but more importantly, where did it go?’

Footnote:  Grateful thanks to Daisy for her spider drawings.

blue eyed spider

The actual spider size!

Organised and Efficient

 With Tick Boxes

If only I was an organised sort of person, the focused sort, a sort that starts a job and finishes it. In some ways I am that person, in that I enjoy having structure, meaning I like to start my day with a plan, a list with tick boxes to motivate me, boxes I can tick off at intervals throughout the day, and I do so with a sense of achievement, but it’s when I begin to deviate from the list that my problems begin.

For iMy chest of drawersnstance, on a whim, I began sorting the contents of a chest of drawers and a photo box. I approached the job with enthusiasm and with the best intentions of finishing what I’d started, but unfortunately, the jobs weren’t on the list which meant there weren’t any tick boxes to mark off. So when obstacles began to prevent me from fulfilling the job in hand, it became very easy to abandon what I’d begun. The first obstacle to challenge me was boredom,  which was very unhelpful, the next obstacle was the annoying voice in my head.

The annoying little voice told me I didn’t need to sort out clothing because this time next year, I will have completed a successful diet plan. It was inevitable then and perhaps predictable, that at the end of the day I had an empty charity bag and drawers that didn’t close any easier than they had at the start.

Album 1

 As for the photographs, it’s now a whole year since I began sorting each of the pictures into an organised time frame and filing them into pretty little albums, but unfortunately,  despite my well meaning efforts, there are still two empty albums and a box full of loose photographs!  albums

So, what would an organised person have done? I imagine the focused sort, the sort that starts a job and finishes it, would have done exactly that. Job started, job completed, but I’m not that sort. I’m the sort that only completes jobs if they’re on a list, a list with boxes to tick, so at the end of the day I can look at the list with the boxes all ticked and feel proud that today I was organised and efficient (but only with tick boxes). 

Laptops and Cables

A Moment of Epiphany

Nocturnal brain activity – I think of it as the twilight hour, the time between day and  night, a time where sleep is evasive and where random thoughts begin to dance recklessly inside my head. 

Laptops for Blog.gif

On this occasion my over-active mind was all about laptops, specifically power cables and the question it was asking was…  “Why don’t laptop manufacturers make universal power cables?”

 I concluded my nocturnal brain had a point. Why don’t they make universal power cables, all PCs have standard sockets and cables, so why not laptops?

I begin to imagine a scenario where the laptop battery has died and the power cable is missing, left behind and forgotten. However, in this scenario, I can borrow a cable because all the machines, irrespective of manufacturers, have standard universal sockets with cables. 

black and white screwdrivers

Another random thought slips quietly into my head, an idea stolen from the contents of my little black toolbox. It’s a moment of Epiphany and I become impressed at the brilliance of the nocturnal brain, and this time it’s surpassed itself… Power cables for laptops that come complete with interchangeable ends!


The snail-like brain, the dawn to dusk one, the one that takes daytime naps and has no memory of why we walked into a room, takes no credit whatsoever for the thoughts and ideas of its nocturnal self.