Clever Marketing

The Day I’m easily persuaded!

Wine cheese and brie 4Friday morning and for once I’m awake at a reasonable hour instead of the crack of dawn, but as I sit here in my bed with the iPad propped up on my knees, coffee in one hand and fingers typing with the other, I can’t help but be surprised at how refreshed I feel, and especially when I consider the amount of wine I quaffed last night.

I hadn’t planned on buying wine, but a quick visit to M and S food hall to buy vegetables, (I was passing the door) soon turned into an exercise on how easy it is to be lured by clever marketing, with displays of food strategically positioned to tempt the easily tempted.

The sight and aroma of the delicious array of freshly baked bread, positioned at the side of an impressive and equally alluring display of wine,  persuaded me that I needed both, and before I knew it, bread and wine were in my basket. Spotting the row of delectable cheeses on my way to the checkout, completed the triad of items that definitely weren’t on my shopping list.

The wine, M and S house red, was actually quite good, as was the bread and French Brie which were heartily enjoyed during the evening. It is only later that I remember I’m supposed to be adopting a healthier lifestyle; Oops, second time this week I’ve slipped up and ‘fallen off the wagon’ as they say, although technically speaking, I consumed the other bottle on Saturday and that was last week!

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