I’m an Obsessive Addict

The Day I Quote from a Dictionary

I think of myself as a creature of habit.  However, unless, (according to the dictionary) I’ve suddenly grown a thick furry covering  (Mm… questionable!) I can’t be a ‘creature’. Definition – a nonhuman! So there we have it, I’m not a creature, unless, of course, I’m not human! Dictionaries 2

Perhaps we should start again – I think of myself as a person of habit, I need a routine, a structure, which is somewhat surprising considering the totally random thoughts that go on in my head. So, on to the definition of the word habit and  I focus on these two, obsession and addiction.  Really… ?  That’s it then, I’m an obsessive addict!

Okay, what do I do that is so obsessional and addictive? Probably best not go into all of them, but we could start with coffee. The first thing I do when I wake up, after hobbling (walk with difficulty) to the bathroom, is switch on the coffee machine, which, incidentally, is the best ever gift from the eldest. I climb back into my bed, which is by now calling to me, (I swear it talks to me) and I savour (appreciate and relish) my cup of café au lait from a little pod,  and nothing, not man nor beast could persuade me to deviate from this lusciously, customary routine. Oh I do love retirement!



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